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We personalize your Global Business Travel

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The acronym MICE stands for meetings, incentives, conferencing & exhibitions.

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We pride ourselves on personalized service along with a unique and exclusive experience for our Clients.

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We personalize your Global Business Travel

Travel Pro, part of SLG and  , is one of the largest Travel Management Companies (TMC)
in Luxembourg. Our core activity is related to Business Travel, handling air, hotel, car and rail bookings. Endorsing a full Travel Management Program,
our services are no longer limited to standards. We offer a large variety of related services such as Online and Mobile technologies, Expense Management
Solutions and Duty on Care requirements, to optimize your specific needs.

 Business Travel 

It’s all about you

Personalizing business travel demands specific attention and highly dedicated people and resources. Innovation, flexibility and new trends are major aspects of our approach. Travel Pro   key priorities are to identify and provide a tailor made and qualitative service throughout our Travel Arr’angels. We offer a full range of travel products from air tickets over hotel overnights and rental cars. But we are not limited to these classical products. Our Travel Arr’angels will support you by arranging a fruitful and stressless Business Trip and if you require transfers or meeting support we will be glad to assist you in this matter.


Create your special moment

We pride ourselves on personalized service along with a unique and exclusive experience for our Corporate Clients. Our LifeStyle services provide private travel, business trips extensions (bleisure), premium and bespoke travel concierge services that go above and beyond expectations. You never know what your day is going to entail, busy agendas and other miracles you may have to conjure up. We guarantee that you receive a tailor made treatment throughout your journey as we all have the same passion to make things happen. Every time you need to plan your private trips, a single phone call gives you access to our services where you will receive personalized service and a seamless booking experience.

 Meetings & Events 

Part of your corporate program

Working jointly to create & implement a program that’s right for you. Our event management service brings comprehensive, flexible solutions, actionable insights, and the expertise to design and deliver effective, exciting experiences for your attendees. Travel Arr’angels are working with you either on a single-event basis and group travel or managing your strategic meetings program, locally, regionally and globally. We’ll collaborate with you to find opportunities to meet your specific business or event objectives using meetings and events to keep your company a step ahead.